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Mozart in Salzburg International Choral Festival 
Performance Venues

Salzburg Cathedral

Located in the heart of the city, Salzburg Cathedral has a rich history dating back to the 8th century. 


After the cathedral was bombed in WWII, Markus Sittikus was commissioned to design a new cathedral in the Baroque style with a majestic marble façade crowned with green domes and flanked by towers.


Inside the ornate interior of Salzburg Cathedral, one can find the place where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptized and also where he composed many of his musical pieces.

Mozart was cathedral organist from 1779-1771.

Salzburg Cathedral, one of the performance venues for the Mozart in Salzburg International Choral Festival
Saint Florian Interior

St. Florian

Sankt Florian, Austria


Completed in 1345, St. Florian is among the largest and most well-known church buildings in the world. It has been occupied by Augustinian monks since the 11th century.

In 1845 Anton Bruckner was appointed organist, and he is buried in the Abbey chapel, beneath the organ.


The naturalism of its sculptures and stained glass are in contrast with earlier Romanesque architecture. The cathedral treasury is notable for its reliquary which houses some of Catholicism's most important relics.

St. Joseph

Munich, Bavaria

Located in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, St. Joseph was built in the Baroque style in 1903.

With its subtle beauty and superb acoustics, St. Joseph will be a wonderful performance space for our opening concert.

Saint Joseph Interior Munich

Mozart in Salzburg International Choral Festival
Mitchell Covington, Artistic Director

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