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Salzburg, Austria

Location for the Mozart in Salzburg International Choral Festival
Site of the Mozart in Salzburg International Choral Festival

Salzburg was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site "of outstanding value to humanity" in 1997,  Here, unique Baroque-style buildings are mixed with narrow medieval alleys and bustling market squares, all framed by majestic mountains.


It’s a joy to experience all the city has to offer: churches, palaces, castles, outdoor dining, gardens and fountains, and many beautiful squares and breathtaking views. Everything feels elegant, historically rich and, at the same time, cheerful and relaxed.


This city, which lies on the  River Salzach, is known as the “Rome of the North”. It looks back on a long history as a metropolis of arts and culture, shaped by Medieval history and the Baroque period. 


Salzburg reflects a vibrant cultural and artistic exchange with its neighbors from north and south, especially Italy. From early times, craftsmen and artists were drawn to this city. Its baroque buildings and piazzas have captivated visitors from around the world.


As the birthplace of Mozart and the site where The Sound of Music was filmed, music is around every corner!

Mozart in Salzburg International Choral Festival
Mitchell Covington, Artistic Director

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